Write For Us

Write-for-Us-Guest-Posts Welcome to health-wellness-care.com – this guide applies to anyone looking to have their article published on the HWC website, the steps very simple and easy to follow.

Here at HWC we welcome guest posts. Along with a gifted backlink (nofollow) from us, your article will be distributed on our website and to all our social media networks for maximum exposure.

We do however have a rule, we do not want to publish articles covering the same idea over and over again. So it is a good idea to take a look at what articles this site has already published or first propose what you are planning to write about.

How to get your article published?

Here is a HWC list of things you should do to make sure your guest post gets published by us.

1. Check out our list of categories on the website and choose one.

2. Write at least a 1000 word article on your desired topic or subject matter, if you wish to submit an infographic make sure your description is 500 words in length then attach it with your graphic.

3. Add relevant images, videos or other multi-media make sure you have the rights to use them. For the image, it should be a minimum of 800*500 (unless it’s a screenshot for special purpose like tutorials then smaller size is acceptable).

4. Add one nofollow backlink to the article.

5. Prepare your author bio with a link to your site and social media profiles, you are also required to attach your HEADSHOT.

6. Images should be attached to the email message, you can also add them to your document for tutorials and guides, so we can place them.

Now send everything to the editor of this site health.wellness.care.web@gmail.com, use .DOC or .DOCX for your file. Your article will be reviewed and published in 7 working days, and you will be notified if any issue arises. If any of these rules are not followed the email will not even be opened and deleted straight away.

How not to get your article published?

Here is a list of things you should not do if you want your article to be published on our site.

  • Make sure the article is written to a good standard of English grammar and is written in a clear and easy way to read for our readers.
  • Only original content is accepted on HWC, we have many programs to detect plagiarism and we will use several of them such as Copyscape to make sure the articles are 100% unique content.
  • You are to wait 7 days before rushing us to publish your content, for example, please don’t send the article in the morning and then ask for an update the exact same evening, this will just result in your email being deleted by us.
  • Do not include any dofollow links to any article. If you are interested in a sponsored post contact us for a price health.wellness.care.web@gmail.com

Please note once the article is live on our site, you have given us the RIGHTS to OWN the article, and as such can not use it elsewhere without linking back to the original article.

By getting your article PUBLISHED on our site you agree to these terms and condition.